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What the coaches and mentors are saying… about Stavroula Papadaki

papadaki stanford

The commitment of Stavi Papadaki was announced by Stanford University last week. Stanford published Papadaki’s commitment through the women’s basketball team’s website. Within the article, Stanford’s legendary head coach, Tara VanDerveer (record holder and winningest coach in women’s collegiate basketball history), said about Papadaki: "We are very excited about Stavi choosing to attend Stanford."

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Mouchlias & Chakas: Back-to-back National Champions! Mandilaris: He had to break a record in his last collegiate match!

Back to back National Champions

The University of Hawaii of Chakas and Mouchlias wins it all for the 2nd consecutive year! After clinching the championship in their conference, the double-trouble swept through the brackets and came out 1st in all of America. And as if that wasn't enough, Chakas was named the MVP of the tournament, while they were both crowned All-Americans! Mandilaris won the Opposite of the Year award after a memorable last year in the States. Angelos managed to break a record in his last match! For more details read below:

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Greek Easter… in Hawaii and Indiana! Chakas and Mandilaris in the All-Tournament Team!

chakas mouchlias mandilaris

MIVA and Big West Championships for Mandilaris's Ball State and Mouchlias-Chakas’ University of Hawaii! After an amazing season, the Greeks’ hard work paid off and was rewarded with the conquest of the championship and the ticket for the NCAA Championship! In addition to the trophy, Mandilaris and Chakas reserved their spot in the All-MIVA and All-Big West Tournament Team respectively, after their strong appearances in the tournament! 

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Dressed in blue and white, off to the MIVA and Big West Tournaments! Mandilaris All-MIVA First Team! Not Friday the 13th, but Mouchlias and 31!

mouxlias mandilaris

With a taste of Greece, the MIVA and Big West tournaments are being hosted by Mandilaris and Mouchlias-Chakas! After an amazing last season, Mandilaris received the All-MIVA First Team award! 4 months of competition were not enough for Mouchlias to break records, so he wanted to leave his mark in the last match of the regular season, and break 2 more with 31 kills and 5 blocks!

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Mandilaris’ Ball State ends 1st in MIVA! Mandilaris and Chakas break records again, having top standings nationally in NCAA VB!

mandilaris chakas

With a new record in aces, Mandilaris is now preparing for the championship! Along with the team’s ranking of 1st place in MIVA, Mandilaris has high personal rankings in his conference but also nationally. In his conference, he is 2nd for points and kills, 5th for hitting percentage, 9th for blocks and 10th for aces, while nationally he is 4th for kills/set and points. Along his side, the double-trouble from Hawaii have high standings too. In their conference, Mouchlias is 6th for points, 7th for hitting percentage and kills, 8th for aces and 11th for blocks. Chakas is 5th for aces, 7th for points, 8th for kills, 9th for hitting percentage, 18th for digs and 20th for blocks, while nationally he is 18th for aces/set!

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Not a week goes by that records are not broken! Award for Mouchlias and Chakas! Mandilaris top scorer and on auto-pilot!

Not a week goes by that records are not broken

The Greeks of America are setting the bar higher and higher, since they do not stop breaking records! Starting with Chakas, who with the new personal record of 24 kills, was named Player of the Match! But the next day he was followed by Mouchlias who with 70.6% hitting efficiency received the same award! Traveling a little further east, Kagialis and Kalagasidis had new personal records in kills with 13 and 5 respectively, with the 2nd scoring another double-double! Unstoppable Mandilaris being a top scorer in 3 of the 4 games, broke a record in blocks with 7!

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It’s pouring… season highs! National rankings for the great duo of Hawaii!

its pouring season highs

Outstanding production came with new season highs for all Greeks in men’s volleyball in March! Starting with Mandilaris, who had 2 season highs in blocks and aces; he has significantly helped Ball State to earn an incredible 13-2. Then, in California's double-trouble, Kagialis had a season high in digs and Kalagasidis in kills and digs, with the 2nd one recording his first 2 double-doubles of the year! Finally, the unbeaten duo Chakas-Mouchlias, set new personal records in digs with 9 and 10 respectively, while they are in the top-15 in national rankings. Chakas is 13th for aces/set and Mouchlias is 15th for points/set.

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The Greek offensive of 2022 continues… Perfect 5 for 5! Mandilaris: The 1st double-double of ‘22 is a fact! New records: The sequel… Kalagasidis CalPac setter of the week!


The Greeks of America continue their championship quests, fully committed to hard work and in laser-focused mode, during an extremely successful week with 5 wins in 5 matches. Recording the first double-double of the year with 14 kills and 11 digs, Angelos Mandilaris has significantly helped Ball State to an incredible 11-2 record! Traveling further west, in beautiful Hawaii, the amazing duo Chakas-Mouchlias raised the Rainbows to number 3 in the national rankings, whilst breaking records again! Meanwhile, in volley-loving California, after his great performance last week, Kalagasidis was named setter of the week in the CalPac conference! He also had a new season high in kills and with the rest of his Red Hawks teammates they clinched the perfect 4-0!

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Beware of Greeks bearing… (volleyball) kills! Incredible offensive output by the Greek volleyball stars of America! Personal highs for Chakas, Mandilaris and Kagialis!

Beware of Greeks bearing

February is progressing with very good outings from the Greek volleyball youngsters, who raised the bar even higher. Starting with the incredible Hawaiian duo, Mouchlias was the 1st scorer in 3 matches and Hakas in 1, adding 5 more dubs! New personal records in total blocks for Kagialis with 7, Chakas with 5 and Mandilaris with 4! In fact, the outside Chakas recorded two more personal highs of 5 assists and 6 digs! More details below:

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