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    Nomos fundamentally believes in providing the kind of service through which clients will enjoy work...

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    … making it a smaller, and better, world through sport. Building bridges and keeping the balance between contemporary extremes is what we do best…

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    As of September 1, 2022 Nomos LLC has secured


    in total scholarships’ value. In 2022-2023, including first-year student-athletes, transfers, and graduate students, the total was $11,427,813.

    Lifelong service never ends!

Welcome to Nomos LLC

Welcome to Nomos LLC – International Sport Law, Policy Compliance, Strategic Management, research and consulting services. Working hard, doing things right… for the right reasons. Helping people learn. Solving problems… preemptively...

The Company

The Company

Nomos (Greek for the Law) is a Limited Liability Company chartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Nomos consultants provide a range of professional services ranging from international law transactions and global scope ventures' strategic management to niche areas of our consultants' expertise...




Nomos LLC aspires to instrumentally contribute to a smaller and better world by providing the highest quality services through each field's brightest, most ethical, and inspired minds.




Academic & Athletic scholarships in the US



  • Demo
    "Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and I'm so grateful to have achieved this. The Ivy League is a very special place to be, because you get to participate in an amazing academic program while also competing in a competitive league. I feel so happy to be here. The classes are interesting and the campus is amazing. My teammates and coaches are extremely supportive of me and they always push me to be better. Cornell University offers so many opportunities for me to discover my interests and develop myself to become a strong woman in the future." READ MORE

    Ilgaz Doga Ozalp

    Cornell University, class of 2026
  • Demo
    "As a Greek student, the transition to an American highschool seeking an athletic scholarship was very challenging not only for me but for my family as well. It was a big risk that my love for basketball made me take. Through the guidance of Nomos team, I am now more than grateful seeing my dream come true. Mr Kaburakis knew better than anyone what I was looking for, combining high level academics with D1 basketball. Finally the California dream is officially around the corner! Words cannot describe how excited I feel for this big new step. I am more than thankful for having Nomos team by my side through this long process!" READ MORE

    Georgia Grigoropoulou

    Santa Clara University - Class of 2026
    American Community School of Athens - Class of 2022
    National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "Playing the sport I love and studying in the highest level has always been a huge dream and goal for me. 3 years ago I earned a scholarship from ACS Athens which was a big step for my life! Through the school I met Tassos and Kristin who were there for me throughout this new, fascinating and challenging recruiting process. Patience and hard work is the key to success and these people were always there to remind it to me ! When Stanford reached out to me, I immediately said "This is where I want to go". Being a Stanford student-athlete, Kristin was always by my side, answering questions and giving useful tips about my future. It was a fascinating procedure but also a stressful one. " READ MORE

    Elena Bosgana

    American Community Schools of Athens '21
    National Team of Greece
    Stanford University, Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "But in the end if it’s in your destiny it can happen ! Don’t expect me to tell you lies. Neither my journey was easy nor was it easy to succeed in my goals. I remember myself to fail, but every time I fail I stand up with God’s help and my parents' love and insistence because they remind me that I am not alone in this journey no matter what. It was my dream to study abroad and get a strong degree. I knew that studying in the U.S. I could combine an adequate education with getting basketball to the next level. I couldn’t imagine myself without playing basketball. I am so grateful that God gave me the opportunity to meet Mr. Tasos Kampourakis and his wife Mrs. Kristin. " READ MORE

    Rafaela Stergaki

  • Demo
    "When I realized what volleyball means to me, one thing I had in my mind, and that was nothing more than playing high-level volleyball and study at a good university in America, as it's the right place to combine both at the highest level. As the years went by and the time came for me to finally achieve the biggest goal of my life it started to seem more and more like a dream. Unexpected obstacles and difficulties were constantly occurring that made it seem unlikely to happen. The moment I thought that everything was over and my biggest goal would remain an unfulfilled dream, just at that moment, my journey for the American dream began, as the amazing Mr. Tassos Kampourakis and the whole team of Nomos entered my life " READ MORE

    Stavroula Papazoglou

    Lewis & Clark State College, Class of 2023
    Odessa College (2021)
  • Demo
    "I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade. In middle school, you can do both your sports and lessons at the same time. But in high school I knew it would be hard because of lots of matches, tournaments, intense trainings challenge you and of course difficulty of the lessons. You have to work hard to get to good places in both things. Getting a good education and playing volleyball at the same time is very difficult in Turkey. As someone who has experienced this, I thought where can I do better in university. " READ MORE

    Selin Kalkan

    University of South Florida, Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "Mr. Kaburakis and his whole team...a true blessing in my life and career! From the beginning of our communication he was so encouraging, helpful and kind. Not only was he very professional but he also was a true friend. Knowing the NCAA rules and the entire process of international recruitment, Mr. Tassos guided me step by step through this beautiful and at the same time full of struggles journey, very carefully. Emails, texts and videocalls were all there. The circumstances were not easy at all and the covid pandemic breakthrough just made everything even harder. Mr. Tassos was a supporter though; he gave me good advice and he explained everything I needed to know patiently. " READ MORE

    Artemis Kouki

    American Community Schools of Athens '21
    Panathinaikos Athens & U16/U18 NT of Greece
    Western Michigan University, Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "Nomos is like a spaceship with different components. Its main components, Tassos and Kristin, are the ones who launched the dream of our daughter and made her land on Columbia University's campus.
    It was March 2018, when Anna’s athletic and academic dream commenced. Tassos and Kristin guided her through this path, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. " READ MORE

    Sakis Gioranidis/Magda Awad

    Parents of Anna Gioranidi
    Columbia University in New York
    Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "As long as I know myself, I have always set big goals for myself. And I tried my best to achieve these goals. One of my biggest dreams was to get a good education in America and to play volleyball with international players in the college league. In 2019, I met the NOMOS team. It was as if fate had brought us together. They understood very well what I wanted and what I was aiming for and I think they saw that light in me :). They helped me and I had the opportunity to talk with the coaches, with the camps in both Greece and Turkey. Thanks to them, I achieved my biggest dream. I don't know how to thank them on this road. Ευχαριστώ για όλα. " READ MORE

    Sabire Karacaova

    Fenerbahçe & IBB
    Jr. National Team of Turkey
    University of California San Diego, Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "It was a crazy, exciting and nerve-racking journey. What I wish I had known is that we needed to hop on the recruiting train at least a year earlier. However, we were blessed to have met Tassos and Kristin who took at heart Nicole’s case and did their best to fulfill all our desires and dreams. And have they had a hard time? I was focused on academics, Nicole’s dad, as a former volleyball player – on sports, Nicole on both… As the saying goes – “It’s hard to have no choice, but harder if you have too many choices”. " READ MORE

    Guergana Polezanova-Dankinova

    Mother of Nicole Dankinova
    Slavia Sofia & NT of Bulgaria
    Princeton University Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "I have always worked hard to play volleyball at a high level and to be educated at a good university. When I met the Nomos family, I knew I could make my dreams come true. In a short time, they helped me find the right way for myself. They have always been there for me through this process,supported me and helped me even when I had the slightest problem. I'll always be grateful to them. They guided me along this path in the best possible way. Now a new journey begins for me. I'll always work hard to be the best. I'm glad I worked with them. Once again, thank you so much for everything, Nomos family. " READ MORE

    Nisa Buzlutepe

    Eczacibasi Istanbul
    Texas A&M Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "When I was young, I remember thinking about studying abroad, especially in the United States. My life completely changed when I moved with my family to the U.S. almost a year and a half ago to start a new life. I came face to face with many difficulties since day one, but nothing discouraged me from making my dream come true. Before the beginning of this magical journey, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the Nomos family and especially Mr. Tassos Kaburakis and Maria Kalara. I am so thankful for your guidance, motivation, and everything you provided to me in the last two years. Words cannot describe how blessed I am feeling to meeting and working with you. Mr. Tassos and Ms. Maria, I truly owe you so much! " READ MORE

    Eirini Maria Glynou

    University of South Alabama - Class of 2025
  • Demo
    "Ever since I remember myself, I was with a basketball in my hands, looking up to the great players of NBA. After playing in my local basketball team for over 10 years, I realized it was time for me to take the next step in my career. That was when I met this wonderful team of bright people at Nomos who made this dream come true. I have currently completed my enrolment at Loras College, studying Sports Management and being a member of their team in the NCAA division 3 league. " READ MORE

    Alex Moisidis

  • Demo
    "During my high school years, I had a dream to play high-level volleyball and study at a good university in America. I worked hard for this, but I faced some obstacles and I entered a university here. As I dropped my dreams and continued to live this way, amazing things happened over and over. Mr. Tassos, Kıvanç Abla and Kristin entered my life. Even if my dreams were not realized back then, three beautiful people came that I am extremely happy to know... Studying in a university and playing volleyball in America is no longer a dream but a reality... " READ MORE

    Elif Su Yavuz

    Halkbank Ankara
    TED Ankara
    NT of Turkey
    Gazi University
    Auburn University Class of 2022
  • Demo
    "As I am preparing for my trip to the US, to go study at my dream University, I am realizing that this dream wouldn't have become reality without the constant help, support, and love of Nomos and especially Mr. Tassos Kaburakis. First of all, I am grateful to them because they helped me see all the amazing opportunities that await for me if I study as a student-athlete. And then, after I decided that I want that, I am grateful because they did everything in their power to find the perfect fit for me." READ MORE

    Markella Lanara

    Olympiakos SFP VC 2016-2020
    Moraitis High School Class of 2019
    George Washington University Class of 2024

  • Demo
    I am so thankful that I have people in my life who want the best for me, they help me to achieve my goals, love me, support me, and a lot of other feelings that I can’t express with words!!! First of all as an athlete I want to say some words about my my opinion, the most important thing in your athletic career is to have a coach that believes in you and push you everyday to be the BEST version of yourself and I am so thankful that I had this kind of coaches who believe in me and made me what I am now because without them I couldn’t make my dreams come true!! Also my family is the one that taught me to never give up when things don’t go as I expect them. READ MORE

    Stella Giourda

    University of Central Florida - Class of 2024
    National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "I am excited to approach the end of the process that I have been in since the 10th grade. The recruiting process is a long and complicated road. However, it is always worth it because the door to our dreams opens. I have always believed that anyone who really wants and strives, deserves it. NOMOS is the perfect company for this. Participating in the EVE camp in its first year in Turkey has been a great opportunity. For their help and support, I will always be grateful to Mr. Tasos, Kıvanç Abla, and the whole NOMOS Family!" READ MORE

    Çağla Bengi

    Nilufer Belediyespor
    Seton Hall University
  • Demo
    "When I was six years old (2008), I started sailing for fun. Back then, I could not imagine that this sport would turn into a lifestyle. Reminiscing back on my life, I remember myself studying for endless hours, trying to be the best student, and the rest of the time practicing on the water, being the captain of myself and making my own decisions when everyone else around me was going out and having fun. After being awarded in many Panhellenic contests of mathematics and physics (since the 5th grade), some teachers advised my parents that I should study abroad. In addition, my dream was to study Biomedical Engineering, a profession that is not developed in Greece. That’s how my journey started. During all this trip, I had to be the best student, one of the best sailors, and study both for the universities in the U.S and for the ones in Greece. In the meantime, I came into contact with NOMOS family and specifically with Mr. Tassos Kaburakis and Ms. Kristin Folkl. Unfortunately, sailing is not a sport in the NCAA, a fact that made my admission harder. It was certainly a very difficult trip, with a lot of happy moments and disappointments, but I always had Mr. Kaburakis by my side to lift my spirit and support me." READ MORE

    Georgia Georgostathi

    UPenn 2024
    National Sailing team member
    Medalist in 6 Panhellenic championships
    11th at Europeans, 14th at Worlds
  • Demo
    "I am so happy that I was able to achieve my goal and see this day. It has been my dream and goal for most of my life to get a university education in the United States, while playing volleyball at a top level. All my efforts still would not have been sufficient if I had not met the Nomos family and participated in their EVE camp in Thessaloniki in 2019. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do. I had one year to overcome my biggest obstacle; The language. It has been a hectic year, but with people who believed in me, and supported me just like a family, when I look back it wasn't all that difficult. I am grateful to them for thinking and planning down to every little detail of my future. If I am at the point today where I am able to look at my near future with hope and confidence I have to thank my Nomos family for that. Once again thank you so much for everything, and you can be sure that I will make you proud. God bless you!" READ MORE

    Melisa Nur Temiz

    U16, U17, U18, U19 Junior National Team of Turkey
    Top-3 MB in 2018 CEV European Championships & Bronze medal, 3rd place
    Fenerbahce VC U17/U19 - Junior national championship of Turkey
    West Virginia University OH - Class of 2024
  • Demo
    "What I have dreamt about the last two years, and worked to achieve for most of my teenage years has become reality. The NOMOS family, who helped me the entire way in realizing my dream,with their expertise, care and understanding,while being at my side for the whole journey deserve all of the credit.Now as a new journey is about to start for me,I must remind everybody that some people deserve more than thank you. The NOMOS family! They have such a special place in my heart and in my prayers. Thanks for everything!" READ MORE

    Revna Cakir

    Bursa Nilüfer Sports Club
    University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
  • Demo
    "I had many thoughts of studying abroad from a really young age because of my school, Anatolia College. But I had a big passion for volleyball too. So when I was 16 I decided that I want to combine my studies with playing volleyball. I couldn’t imagine my life without it so I said to myself that I will give my best in order to make my dreams come true. And that’s when Tasos, Kristin, and the Nomos family comes in. I told them what I was looking for, a good academic and athletic career. Tasos told me the truth. He told me: “it’s hard but if we work all together we can make it Antypaki mas!”. We created a relationship full of trust and love. They believed in me from the very beginning and always guided me like I was their family. After the many conversations that we had, the uncountable emails that we sent, and the work that we did, my dreams came true!" READ MORE

    Stella Antypa

    Rutgers University Class of 2024
    Anatolia College Class of 2020
    N. Votsis VC & National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "Some people are meant to be good parents. Ι was born into a family where everybody had to fight in order to survive. My parents fought to provide us with everyday necessities from food to housing so that we can reach our goals in life. My residence and my birthplace is in Greece but my parents are from Albania. My parents did not have the chance to finish high school, as they had to work to support their families. Nothing was given, and everything had to be earned. “Sometimes, if your uncles and I were lucky enough, we would go to school having either a small slice of bread with a tomato to the side for lunch, otherwise nothing,” my mother would say. Being always diligent and conscientious in order to provide the best childhood for us, was the turning point in making me want to work really hard in everything I will ever do. For that reason, as I was growing up, I always dreamed about a place that could offer better opportunities for myself and my family." READ MORE

    Ornela Muca

    University of California - Berkeley
    Panathinaikos Athens B.C.
    National Team of Albania

  • Demo
    "I took my first step towards continuing my education and realizing my dream of playing volleyball at the NCAA D1 level in America. In this process, I would like to thank the NOMOS family for the opportunity to meet and talk with the NCAA coaches face to face through the EVE program they prepared and for supporting me in this way." READ MORE

    Doga Topcicek

    Bradley University Class of 2024,

    Besiktas Istanbul

  • Demo
    "I started playing volleyball in 2008. I played volleyball in Arkas Sports Club for 4 years. Behind our club jerseys there was a saying "Everything starts with imagination". My dream started at that time. I have always worked hard and never got tired of practicing my favorite sport, volleyball.
    That year, Izmir in Turkey was the champion. In 2012, Rota College High School gave a 4-year scholarship for my high school education. This way I was transferred there. I played for 5 years in the School team and the 1st League team. I’ve had many championships in Turkey both with school and club team. I was invited three times and joined Turkey’s national team.
    In Turkey, women's volleyball is a very successful sport. There is a league of high quality and very competitive. Our club and national teams get to do very well internationally.
    My US adventure started when Nomos LLC called me and invited me to the European Volleyball Exposure (EVE) Camp in Greece. It was a beautiful camp and my USA adventure started. I was very excited to reach my dreams."

    Irem Ucar

    Texas Christian University

    U19 National Team of Turkey
  • Demo
    "Volleyball was always Elena's big love. However, going to the US with 100% scholarship, playing volleyball, while studying there, was not even imaginable, until Dr. Kaburakis informed us that it is not an unattainable dream. We discussed how with the proper work first by Elena and with the right guidance by him and his team, this dream could be realized. And so it happened! Tassos and Kristin were right by our side every step of the way, and are always there when we need them. They are people who understand and solve our questions, concerns, and doubts that can come along the way. We feel them like family, we thank you for everything! Continue this great work for all the children of the world. They need you!" READ MORE

    Christos Bakas & Efi Tselekidou

    Parents of Elena Baka
    Saint Mary's of California
    U16/U18 National Volleyball Team of Greece
    U18/U20/U22 National Beach Volleyball Team of Greece

  • Demo
    "I am grateful that I can play volleyball in Ankara, Turkey and that I can play volleyball in Ankara is thanks to Tassos, Tsukada, Irfan, Atilla, the Ankara team staff, and I am grateful to my Ankara teammates, TORAY team staff and many others. I met many people through my favorite volleyball. This experience is very amazing. I want to continue playing volleyball and meet many people. And I want to play volleyball without forgetting my gratitude." READ MORE

    Mana Ishikawa

    TED Ankara 2019-2020
    Toray Arrows 2015-2019
    Japan Volleyball NT

  • Demo
    "Basketball has always been my passion. I grew up watching and admiring Greek players and by the age of 8 I decided to work my way into the court. Endless hours of practice and sacrifices through the years pushed me into dreaming a little bigger, further than my country's borders. I decided to pursue opportunities in the US on my own but things turned out to be harder than I imagined. It was like going down a road blindfolded. No directions or guidelines in an unknown territory. I knew that basketball won't be there for me in 20 years, that's why I wanted a degree from one of the best Universities in the US." READ MORE

    Dimitris Klonaras

    University of California - Berkeley

    Captain of U18 PAOK BC & National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "From the age of 14 my father and I had the first talk about the possibility of becoming a student athlete in the U.S. I felt comfortable with the idea since I had heard about my father's similar career when he was my age... So at the age of 16 we started the process by contacting Dr Tassos Kaburakis through Mr Peter Tzelalis. Dr Kaburakis made the whole process so easy having given us many options and together with my father we chose Whitfield School, Saint Louis, Mo as the preparatory college school for me to enroll in as a reclassified junior. Having Dr Kaburakis' immense support in all aspects, I had the time of my life there. " READ MORE

    Dimitris Margelis

    Simpson University (CA)

    U18 National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "My name is Lida Kastanou, I am 21 years old and I am from Greece. Beginning in the fall of 2019 I will be majoring in psychology at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. In September 2018, I came to the USA in order to live what most people refer as ‘’The American Dream’’. Coming to the USA was probably one of the toughest decisions my family and I ever made. From the young age of 15 I moved from a smaller city in Greece called Volos to Athens. Trying to adjust to a new environment at such a young age and going to a new school trying to make new friends was tough. Last year, I started my journey here in the States having received a full ride athletic scholarship to play volleyball at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, which was a top-15 NCAA D1 volleyball program in the entire country. Even though things weren't working out there and it wasn't what I was expecting it to be, I was trying to find a way to do the best I could in order to take the next step." READ MORE

    Lida Kastanou

    Bradley University

    Washington State University 2018-2019
  • Demo
    "Dreams of a better life were not always easy for me as a young girl born in Nigeria and migrating to Greece at the age of 2... With younger siblings born and raised in a country in crisis during Greece's toughest financial struggles, with racism around, having to fend for ourselves, not even having food on the table sometimes and still trying to remain positive for my parents and my younger brother and sisters, I sometimes daydreamed and thought about what it would be like to be in a better place... Where I would not be judged by the color of my skin, or because I am a tall strong woman or because I don't really "fit in" with the "cool and in-crowd..." I really wondered what it would be like to be able to work, do your best, and really get a chance to move ahead in life and make it, provide for your family without worrying about ifs and buts... " READ MORE

    Cynthia Ezeja

    University of Pittsburgh

    National Team of Greece
  • Demo
    "A few days before the magical journey to California and Simpson University begins, I want to thank Tassos Kaburakis and the whole Nomos group. The experience I've had all this time in cooperation with Nomos and Tassos was unique. The help was the best thing that could have been attempted. Initially Tassos believed in me. Believed in my athletic value and my academic value. He helped me understand the whole American mentality and gather all the materials needed to make this dream come true." READ MORE

    Nikos Kalagasidis

    Simpson University

  • Demo
    "Honestly, working with Mr Kaburakis, Mrs Folkl and their team NOMOS LLC always felt like working with someone I can favourably call family now. They believed in me so much and took me “under their wings” in order to help me open my own wings and make my dreams come true. Going to study overseas with an Athletic Scholarship was a dream for me until I met the man that will always inspire me, Mr Tassos Kaburakis. Mr Kaburakis and his wife Mrs Folkl with all of their experience guided me, supported me and advised me like I was their own child..I will never forget what Mr Kaburakis once said “Trust me, this is what I would do for my own Sofia too!” (his daughter)." READ MORE

    Sofia Gritzali

    University of Cincinnati
  • Demo
    "I want to start with saying that you have made my biggest dream come true. From the beginning of this long journey, i had a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes i was completely desperate and started to ask myself what the problem was with my basketball? However, in such moments a spectacular man, a fascinating mentor and a great friend - Tassos Kaburakis- reminded me that I am great player." READ MORE

    Ata Turgut

    University of Maine
  • Demo
    "At the very beginning deciding this journey was very difficult for us, because we never knew about studying in the U.S. or living there. But, after meeting Tassos and Kristin, life had became easier for us. It was a long and hard journey. But, they treated us very friendly and made us feel calm and safe on this bumpy road. Tassos always called me by the Turkish word "kardeş", that means "brother". And also he treated us as his family." READ MORE

    Haydar Turgut

    Father of Ata Turgut  
  • Demo
    "I want to say that Nomos gave me the opportunity to change my life during my early high school years. With the help of Nomos, I experienced the prep volleyball program of C2 which has big growth in the last couple of years, and Sports Performance which is a power 5 prep volleyball program in the nation. During those two years, I learned how to work hard as a student-athlete..." READ MORE

    Nafsika Papavasileiou

    Lindsey Wilson College  
  • Demo
    "I am so grateful for the guidance, help and companionship both Tassos and Kristin have provided the last two years. I'm leaving in 2 days and I feel so sure about my decision. They helped me find the right fit and treated me and my parents like family. I am confident leaving for America as I have found safety in my new families. I'm so honored and thankful for everything!" READ MORE

    Elena Leontaridou

    Providence College R. I.  
  • Demo
    "This journey begun two years ago, when I met Mr Tasos and the Nomos team. Without them my dream of combining top education and high-level volleyball would never come true! I would like to thank them all from the core of my heart, for all the insight and support they have offered me throughout these years." READ MORE

    Ioanna Charitonidi

  • Demo
    "I am forever grateful to Mr. Tassos and the Nomos team for the opportunity of a lifetime they have given me. They helped make my dream come true and they showed me that you should never give up. I will start a new chapter in my life thanks to their assistance and I thank them deeply." READ MORE

    Zoi Sherolli

    University of Wisconsin - Green Bay  
  • Demo
    "My time with Nomos has been the most memorable for me. It was my first interaction with a team of professionals and this gave me valuable experience and knowledge on what the world of professional sports is all about. I felt safe to be part of this team since they gave me their full support under every circumstances. I would like to express my gratitude specifically to Mr Aris Zafeiratos first of all for including me in the team. Following him Mrs Maria Kalara and Mr Tassos for their psychological support and their prompt reply to every question or difficulty that I might have. Thank you all for this precious year which I will cherish for the rest of my life." READ MORE

    Ioli Georgakopoulou

    Hampton University 
  • Demo
    "I cannot believe that next year I will be in the U.S. and accomplishing my dream. It was a huge desire for me to play volleyball and study abroad at a high level. A year ago I had started the whole process on my own, but it did not work as I believed it could. Halfway through this year I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tassos, his wife Ms. Kristin and the entire Nomos family. For the first time in my life I felt that this process with them will definitely succeed. From the day I started working with Mr. Tassos and his great team I felt very sure and aware that I will be getting a full scholarship at one of my first options, a great university in the U.S. Working hard for the little time that we had, many good offers came, and I think that I made the best choice and that's because of them. Now, as a Wildcat for my next four years I can’t describe in any words how blessed I feel that I got to know Mr. Tassos and I will always be grateful for his help. I am sure that we will have a great relationship in the future. I am looking forward to taking my next big step of my life at Villanova University. Thank you very much." READ MORE

    Anastasia Galanou

    Villanova University
  • Demo
    "My name is Alexandros Priftis, I am 20 years old and I am from Greece. Beginning in the fall of 2018 I will be an AACSB-accredited business school student at Governors State University in Chicago, a top-15 NAIA program on a basketball scholarship. In September 2017 I came to the USA in order to live what people refer to as “the American dream”." READ MORE

    Alexandros Priftis

    Governors State University
  • Demo
    "I remember like yesterday the first time I got to talk with Mr. Tassos and Kristin. They were so positive when me and my family were considering the possibility of me getting a scholarship in a U.S. university, even though I was not that confident." READ MORE

    Georgia Tselepi

    University of Cincinnati
  • Demo
    "It's already been more than two years since my first meeting with Aris and I'm so glad that this happened. He's been a real friend to me!He was there when I needed him, when I was totally freaking out and when I felt hopeless. He was really patient with me and even more excited than I was when I was getting good offers. He and Mr. Kabourakis helped me again when I decided to transfer and now I ended up being exactly where I wanted to be. " READ MORE

    Aristea Tontai

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Demo
    "I owe a lot to Mr. Kabourakis and his wife Kristin, for believing in me right from the very beginning. They believed in me more than a whole bunch of others, and they were always there when things got tough. Although I never played in a big team or participated in nation-wide events, they both trusted their instinct and helped me out." READ MORE

    Marina Markaki

    New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Demo
    "Although I met Tassos only a year ago when he invited me to Nomos EVE showcase in Greece, he accepted me as a member of a family. Certainly he taught me a lot about volleyball but one thing that amazed me is the way he believed in me. He fights for each and every one as "his child" and he won't settle until he makes everybody happy. Furthermore, I found what I've been looking for, a school with good education and great volleyball program." READ MORE

    Marija Tomasevic

    Towson University
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    "I can’t express the gratitude I have for the help that I received from the Nomos team and especially from Tassos and Kristin Kaburakis. They were always there for me and helped me to accomplish my dream. I am sure that we will have a great relationship in the future, they are great humans and I want to have them in my life as friends." READ MORE

    Spyridoula Chounta

    Virginia Commonwealth University
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    "Going to the US in order to play volleyball and study at the same time was a big step for me. It was one of the most important decisions in my entire life. There were people that I trusted and that's the best thing I could ever do, because these persons helped me out when I needed them the most and they supported me to chase after my dream. Tassos Kaburakis and Kristin Folkl Kaburakis are such people. This was a long ride for all of us. We were like partners, we dealt with everything. Many good offers had come and gone, but I think that I made the best choice and that's because of Kristin and Tassos..." READ MORE

    Dimitra Tziarli

    Louisiana Tech University
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    "I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Kaburakis while I was in an extremely significant point in my life. I had the goal of getting a basketball scholarship in the United States in order to study and play collegiate basketball in Division 1. I did not know almost anything about this process and he was the right person to help me. His deep knowledge about the NCAA rules and his unconditional support make him the person that I recommend to every student athlete who wants to study and play basketball abroad. Dr. Kaburakis put everything in order so that I can visit the best possible universities and cared as much as a father would care for his daughter. " READ MORE

    Ismini Prapa

    University of Pittsburgh
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    "The support I received from Dr. Kaburakis during 2017 was substantial and valuable. Dr. Kaburakis showed me the process and the way to be admitted to U.S. Higher Education and also helped me with practical and meaningful advice. I consider Dr. Kaburakis a trustworthy professional with deep knowledge of NCAA rules and the entire process. I recommend his full support and counsel for anyone who is seriously interested in U.S. Higher Education." READ MORE

    Giannis Chatziveroglou

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Basketball


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