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NOMOS LLC is committed to protect and respect your privacy in compliance with EU- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. 

This policy concerns the way in which NOMOS LLC processes personal data and explains when and why it collects personal information, how it uses it, the conditions under which NOMOS LLC may disclose it to others and how it keeps it secure pertaining to data subjects established in European Economic Area and Switzerland and related to activities of NOMOS LLC in European Economic Area and Switzerland. 

This policy forms an integral part of  NOMOS LLC Personal Data Protection Policy and may be revised on a regular basis, depending on the activities of NOMOS LLC, the relevant legal provisions and the way in which the NOMOS LLC processes personal data.


NOMOS LLC, a company based in St. Louis, State of Missouri, USA, is acting as the Data Controller.

NOMOS LLC in relation to Personal Data implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security. NOMOS LLC has an accountability-based policy and is committed to the following principles. Especially: 

  • NOMOS LLC processes personal data in accordance with law and with transparency and fairness. Data processing activities are conducted: 1) with subject’s consent; 2) in order to fulfill our obligations to subjects 3) for the legitimate purposes of operating our business, or 4) otherwise in accordance with law. 
  • NOMOS  LLC is  transparent and provide clear notice and choice to data subjects about the types of personal data collected and the purposes for which it is collected and processed. 
  • NOMOS LLC provides data subjects with reasonable access along with the ability to review, correct, amend or delete the personal data they have shared with it. 
  • NOMOS LLC only uses personal data for the purposes described at the time of collection or for additional compatible purposes in accordance with law and  takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate, complete and current and it only collects personal data which is relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. NOMOS LLC keeps personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. 
  • NOMOS LLC implements strong information security controls in its own operations and solutions with high levels of data security protection in order to protect unauthorized use, distortion and loss of data. 
  • Personal data will only be shared when third parties are obligated to provide equivalent levels of protection. 


NOMOS LLC collects, processes and stores, in electronic and printed form personal data of students, parents, members of their family, and athletes especially the following: 

  • Students’/ athletes’  Full  name
  • Identity / Passport data
  • Age
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • School of graduation / School Attendance information 
  • Special educational information / Academic performances 
  • Team / Club participation information
  • Siblings’ Full Name
  • Parents’ full name and contact details
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Data related to graduation 
  • Health and Biometric data 
  • Photos  and Videos of students/ athletes 
  • Social media data 
  • Data related to interaction with NOMOS LLC website
  • Information regarding athletic performances, prizes and distinctions

We also collect data about partners and persons working and cooperating with NOMOS LLC.

NOMOS LLC collects personal data: 

-When data subjects are using our services. 

- When data subjects interact with NOMOS LLC in person, through correspondence, by participating to its activities, by phone, by mail, by social media, by filling our form “CONTACT NOMOS LLC” and our form “APPLY NOW” via our website. Specifically, NOMOS LLC collects information about data subjects visits to its website and their activity on NOMOS LLC websites such as any communications and actions taken on the site. NOMOS LLC website provides a contact form where visitors enter their name, email address and their questions or comments. NOMOS LLC collects and uses this information only to respond to messages. NOMOS LLC website provides an application form where data subjects enter their data. NOMOS LLC collects and uses this information within the framework of providing its services to data subjects. 

-When NOMOS LLC collects personal information from other legitimate sources, such as third-party data aggregators, public sources or social networks, NOMOS LLC only uses this data if data subjects have given their consent to third parties to share their personal data with others.

NOMOS LLC may provide social media features that enable data subjects to share information with its social networks and to interact with NOMOS LLC on various social media sites. Use of these features may result in the collection or sharing of information about data subjects, depending on the feature. NOMOS LLC encourages data subjects to review the privacy policies and settings on the social media sites they use to make sure they understand the information that is collected, used, and shared by those sites.

NOMOS LLC collects, processes and stores the above personal data for the purposes of the provision of its services to athletes and students and especially, for the provision of promotional and networking services and the granting of scholarships and financial aid to athletes in order to study to a University, the inclusion of athletes to its database and for purposes related to its commercial and legitimate interests including advertising and promoting athletes and the activities of NOMOS LLC as well as  informing athletes, parents and the public in general. 

The legal basis for the above processing comprises the consent given by data subjects or their parents, the fact that the processing of the above personal data is necessary for NOMOS LLC provision of services, and the fulfillment of the legitimate and commercial  interests of  NOMOS LLC especially, regarding the promotion and general exposure of athletes and its activities.

Especially in regards to images included in video and photos, health and biometric data and citizenship, the legal basis for the processing is the consent given by data subjects and/or their parents.

NOMOS LLC does not proceed with processing actions that consist an act of automated individual decision and an act of profiling as described in E.U. Regulation No. 679/2016 - and by no means evaluates or analyzes any personal aspects about the data subjects. 

NOMOS LLC may process personal data and store them outside the European Union and in particular in the U.S.A., State of Missouri, where its registered office is located, and for this reason it has already appointed in writing a representative in the European Union as set below.

Personal data collected and processed by NOMOS LLC may concern minors under 16 years of age. In this case, any consent and approval for the collection and processing of personal data is provided by the holder of the parental responsibility over the child. NOMOS LLC makes all reasonable efforts to verify that the consent is given by the holder of the personal responsibility. 


The above personal data are accessible and processed by authorized employees of NOMOS LLC, who process them solely for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes, and by no means for their own benefit. 

Furthermore, following the data subjects’/ or parents’ consent and for the purposes of providing its services to data subjects and promoting data subjects and NOMOS LLC activities, personal data may be transferred to admission departments of Universities in the USA and EU and electronic platforms which operate for the purposes above, to collaborating coaches, agents, managers, teams and service providers, including advertising material, displayed on NOMOS LLC website or social media and published to external sports media, social media, and websites related to sports.

Any further transfers of personal data to any third person or to a country outside the European Union, take place only under the terms of Regulation No. 679/2016.

Any transfer takes place either within the EU, or on the basis of adequate protection level  in the U.S.A. 

NOMOS LLC takes all necessary measures and guarantees to ensure that any third party to whom it transmits or has access to personal data is equally compliant with the terms of Regulation 679/2016 and acts in a lawful and secure manner.

NOMOS LLC may use sub-contractors to process personal data on its behalf. NOMOS LLC is responsible for making sure that they commit themselves to adhere to this Privacy Policy and applicable data protection legislation by signing a Data Processing Agreement.


NOMOS LLC keeps and processes the above personal data for as long as it is required for the accomplishment of the aforementioned processing purposes and in order to comply with its legal obligations and to defend itself against any legal claims. After the above time period, if there is no other legal basis for the processing of the data, NOMOS LLC will proceed to the deletion of the above personal data. 

Data of minors under 16 years old for whom NOMOS LLC has not been able to verify their parents consent and / or approval are not processed and deleted. 



Right of access: The right to have confirmation as to whether the subject's data are being processed, the way they are processed and the purposes of processing. 

Right to rectifcation: The right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate personal data. 

Right to erasure ("right to be forgotten"): The right to obtain the erasure of personal data when special grounds apply. 

Right to restriction of processing: The right to obtain restriction of processing when special grounds are applied.

Right to data portability: The right to receive personal data and ask for transmission to a third party. 

Data subjects/or their parents may at any time withdraw their consent for the processing of personal data, without however affecting the lawfulness of processing based on their consent before its withdrawal and the processing based on another legal basis. In case of withdrawal of consent, NOMOS LLC may not be able to use the relevant personal data.

Related to the exercise of all rights above and any inquiries and complains, subjects of data can address  our representative for the processing of Personal Data in the EU, Mr. Papastergiou Constantinos, 

· via an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

· via a letter to the address Fragon 3, Thessaloniki 54646, Greece

In case a data subject exercises one of the aforementioned rights,  NOMOS LLC will take any possible measure for the prompt satisfaction of the request, according to the specific provisions and conditions of the Personal Data Legislation, and shall inform in writing the data subject regarding the satisfaction of the request, or for the reasons that prevent the exercise or the satisfaction thereof according to the Personal Data Legislation. All rights shall be exercised free of charge for the data subjects except of cases of repeated exercise which may burden NOMOS LLC with extra costs. 

In case of a personal data breach, data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint before the Greek Data Protection Authority. 

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Changes to this Privacy Statement

 NOMOS LLC reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time without notice. When NOMOS LLC  makes material changes to this Privacy Statement,  it will post the changes on this page and update the revision date. We encourage you to review our Privacy Statement regularly for updates.

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