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making a differenceIn an unprecedented year full of uncertainty and challenge, even the most straightforward tasks could prove problematic. So as we head towards 2021, with a renewed hope that things will return to a new and better normal, it is with the greatest appreciation and gratitude that we are able to share a significant NOMOS milestone with all of you.  Since our inception 11 years ago, NOMOS has helped secure over $24 million for deserving student-athletes from around the globe, who could not make their dreams come true without financial support and scholarships.  In 2020 we set a new record of securing just shy of $10 million, which absolutely would not have been possible without the tireless help and dedication of our NOMOS team.  It took a herculean effort from the entire team to help the most student-athletes land the greatest scholarships' value, during a pandemic and the associated economic and policy fallout.  The impact of the pandemic continues to pose tremendous demands on us all.  But despite seemingly insurmountable hurdles, it definitely is a testament to our team's conviction and devotion to our lifelong service for student-athletes, and our trust in each other, to be able to deliver these life opportunities for our NOMOS kids, whom we will forever treat and care for as family. 

So credit is now due to our super teammates:  Kivanc Murathanoglu, our true leader, mentor, and guardian angel of Turkish talent;  Maria Kalara, the genuine heart and soul, a real machine and driving force in Athens;  NICMEDIA, our precious eyes and minds, diligently producing and caring for all our media content;  Kostas, our chief legal officer and protector of the brand;  Artem, leading our Eastern European expansion;  and Ashley, directing and guiding our interns' efforts while completing her law degree.  There are more fellow travelers and associates to thank.  We are excited for our continued teamwork with ACS AthensAZ Sports Scholarships, and Athens Sports Hall, our growing teamwork with Sportlinx 360, and we feel fortunate to further develop new and efficient ways of managing NOMOS' consistent calls to service.  We are profoundly grateful to you all, and would like to acknowledge your expertise, commitment, hard work, and unwavering focus in allowing us to stay the course and rise above these turbulent times. 


Thank you! 

Tassos & Kristin 



St. Louis, USA


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