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EVE 2020 - Sports unite!

An athlete has to confront the individual mental and physical challenges, which stand in between her and victory, alone. No other person can stand up for her, and no other person can deprive her of the glory of her efforts, regardless of the power games and interests around her efforts.  
Likewise, no vested interests can stand in the way of genuine camaraderie and fraternization among people.  
At EVE, athletes from 5 Balkan/Mediterranean nations (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey) competed jointly for a better future. 
NOMOS LLC believes in progress, and in sportsmanship that unites. We remain in eager anticipation of the days when young people will be allowed once again to enjoy sport, positive competition, and dreaming for a better future, together, healthy, embracing and loving life. 

The story of Irem Ucar

I started playing volleyball in 2008. I played volleyball in Arkas Sports Club for 4 years. Behind our club jerseys there was a saying "Everything starts with imagination". My dream started at that time. I have always worked hard and without getting tired to do my favorite sport, volleyball.

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The Third Annual EVE of Opportunity for European volleyball talent

The Third Annual European Volleyball Exposure (EVE) showcase organized by NOMOS will take place between the 21st of February and 2nd of March in Greece and for the very first time this year in Turkey as well.

America's top volleyball universities and coaches will come to Greece and Turkey for a multi-day event filled with opportunities and life experiences for the best European volleyball talent.

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2019 college volleyball season wrap-up

Stanford captured its 9th national title, while Wisconsin earned the respect and admiration of the volleyball world with its remarkable run to the championship match after an inspiring volleyball season. The entire Nomos team serving volleyball over the years wants to congratulate student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and everyone involved in such a thrilling season to wrap-up a pivotal decade for collegiate volleyball.

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Bearcats’ Bombshell!

Cincinnati women's volleyball recorded the biggest win in the program’s history.

Tziarli and Stamatiou threw Final Four favorites and hosts Pittsburgh Panthers out of the NCAA tournament.

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The United Nations of St. John’s wrote volleyball history

Mission accomplished & Big East title returns to NYC after a dozen years

With 10/15 international student-athletes on its roster, and the mix of culture, talent, and feistiness for which NYC is world-renowned, St. John’s Volleyball completed what is currently the most stunning and remarkable upset of the 2019 college volleyball season, capturing the Big East tournament title.

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Epic upset for Alexakou-Kathariou and St. John’s against Top-10 Creighton! 

The greatest upset of the 2019 college volleyball post-season took place in the second semi-final of the Big-East Conference Tournament. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s new hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, proved to be good luck for the Greek student-athletes of St. John’s, who went above and beyond and won in straight sets 3-0 (25-17, 25-23, 26-24) against AVCA’s #10-ranked Creighton University. This win is underscored by the following points about Creighton’s value as a volleyball program: 

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Athina Dimitriadis, a world volleyball traveler!

In Ancient Greek Mythology Athina was the Goddess of Wisdom... and War. And in true Greek fashion, Athina Dimitriadis embodies the best of both intellect and athletic competition!

Athina Dimitriadis is a truly cosmopolitan girl, a citizen of the world, with a fascinating life story. Born to a German mom and Greek dad, she grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece, and attended the German School in the second largest city of Greece, broadly known as a melting pot of cultures and rich history.

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Tomasevic and Volleyball... A family affair.

Tomasevic and Volleyball

Traveling around the world to play volleyball has become almost a family affair for Marija Tomasevic, a sophomore outside hitter on Towson University’s women’s volleyball team.

She was inspired to leave Serbia for the opportunity to play by her two older sisters, both of whom played at a professional level internationally.

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