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The Third Annual EVE of Opportunity for European volleyball talent

The Third Annual European Volleyball Exposure (EVE) showcase organized by NOMOS will take place between the 21st of February and 2nd of March in Greece and for the very first time this year in Turkey as well.

America's top volleyball universities and coaches will come to Greece and Turkey for a multi-day event filled with opportunities and life experiences for the best European volleyball talent.

EVE2019 01

Girls  born between 2000 and 2006 will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and be evaluated by NCAA team coaches, whose universities give talented athletes the opportunity to enjoy life experiences while studying through full scholarship programs.

EVE is now established in the ranks of American coaches as the destination for European talent identification. The NOMOS team "builds bridges" between Europe's top sports talent and the best American colleges and universities.

EVE2019 02

Already 29 European volleyball student-athletes made their dream come true with the help of NOMOS by receiving scholarships to study at US universities while playing volleyball. It is worth noting that the total amount of scholarships awarded to student-athletes through the support of NOMOS as of 1.9.2019 is $ 15,433,512, while for the 2018-2019 academic year, it reached a record $ 5,093,129.

All student-athletes interested in participating in any locations of EVE 2020 should first fill out their interest form at:

Deadline (strictly observed) : 7 February 2020. 
Entries will be evaluated immediately as the camp will be open for a limited number of places.

When / Where
  • February 24-25 - Istanbul, Turkey
  • February 27-29 - Athens, Greece
  • March 1-2 - Thessaloniki, Greece

What does  the camp include
- Talent scouting tournaments analyzed by top American coaches, with opportunities for full scholarships (+ extra stipends covering the full cost of attendance, ~ $ 500-1250 / month) for study and volleyball at top US universities.

 - Complete assessment of athletic and technical features, with a comprehensive program of proposals for future scholarships and competitive volleyball at the top level (NCAA Division I). Recording of athletic and biometric measurements.

- Development of a detailed study for each participant with a view to higher education and volleyball, following suggestions and recommendations (based on scientific research and analysis with a program in association with the American Volleyball Coaches Association) (AVCA) on specific improvement points through individual preparation for a successful college pursuit, with ongoing follow-up by experts during the months / years that precede enrollment at US universities. High-resolution visual material from tournament appearances and full logistical support from a team that will continue to collect and process material with each player's assistance in the coming months / years until the transition to America is complete.

-Game, exercise, and selection of the best players in each age group. Letters of recommendation from international coaches and experts in the field that will provide participants with essential tools, strategies, tactics and key points to create a dynamic curriculum vitae for future educational goals and competitive volleyball.

- Information and presentations by US field experts (academics, lawyers, coaches, consultants and athletes with US National Team tenure and top college volleyball awards). Presentation of the differences and comparative analysis between American and European volleyball by experienced professionals as well as US university graduates and current professionals who competed on both volleyball competitive fronts. Discussion and panels with parents and student-athletes.

- Professional meetings, discussions, and exchange of experiences between European and American coaches.

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There is NO substitute for a live evaluation!

Talent and skills' assessment by trained eyes, and discussion with the key decision-makers in awarding full scholarship offers. Live analysis by the people who live and breathe the sport in the US is invaluable and irreplaceable. 

The contribution of these coaches is critical, and instrumental for the future of the talented participants, who will be setting themselves apart by their overall attitude, as well as their volleyball output during the showcase. Thus, these players are setting up a pivotal life turn.

Ample opportunities exist for such life turns for participants, due to the scope and volume of US volleyball programs. The number of viewing coaches from the US also guarantees an objective evaluation and broad sample of trained volleyball minds from the US. The strict selection criteria based on the preferences, demands, and prerequisites set by US college coaches ensure a high-level of talent and athletic competition, measured against the best talent in the world in the respective age group. This in turn allows for an accurate gauge and critique of the talent, objective and constructive development of recommendations, and the blueprint for the appropriate, prudent, and compatible with each talent route to college volleyball competition. 

It would otherwise be impossible to have as many eyes and minds assessing European talent live, analyzing and outlining the players' potential trajectory for high-level college volleyball; only in America can one find this kind of talent-gathering and age group/individual evaluations. This is a nascent institution and should evolve into an established tradition for international volleyball talent development. Nomos maintains consistent cooperation with the AVCA, NCAA, USA Volleyball, as well as serving legal teams and needs for FIVB and CEV. 

There is no other team of colleagues with decades of service in the field, the breadth of network, and the depth of trust relationships developed through years of hard work and consistent efforts on all necessary details required for such life turns for deserving young people. 


Upon selection, 200 Eur. 




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