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Normandy landing… for Ari Kathariou – A new page in Greek volleyball history 

kathariou interview

After the successful completion of all requirements and obtaining the first FIVB license by a Greek law/representation firm, Nomos LLC continues its service with significant actions, which will be publicly disclosed over the next few weeks. The first summer motion for the current international transfers’ season was the agreement of the Greek national team middle blocker, Ariadni Kathariou, who just graduated from St. John’s University in New York, with the French league team based in Normandy, Évreux.

Ariadni reflected on her recent experiences in the following interview: 

Looking back on your collegiate career, how would you say that this experience shaped you both on and off the court?

As a volleyball player, my time in the US definitely made me better. It’s true that my freshman year I didn’t get as much playing time as I did the years after, but I was always working hard towards my goals and dreams regarding volleyball. Sophomore year was a very special one, as we won the BIG EAST championship and then my senior year was definitely my personal best. I worked extremely hard and as a result I made the ALL BIG EAST TEAM and was able to pursue my dream of going to play pro.

Outside of the court, my experience in the US was challenging at times. It was definitely hard leaving my family and friends back in Greece. I became a stronger person and learned how to survive in a foreign country. Undeniably, having another Greek player with me and more importantly a good friend of mine, Efrosini Alexakou, definitely made things a bit easier.

Tell us a bit about your graduation day… how was it?

It was a very special day! After two years of the pandemic, schools finally started having graduation ceremonies in person again. Being able to walk on the stage in front of all my classmates, professors etc. was very unique. What made it even more unique was the fact that my mom was able to attend my graduation. She flew all the way from Greece. I got to show her around the school and the city and I am so grateful for that as well. 

How would you reflect on your experience with NOMOS LLC?

My experience with NOMOS LLC has been “THE BEST THERE IS”.  Tassos and Kristin have been there for me since day one. It didn’t matter what time it was, even with the time difference between Greece and the US, Tassos would respond to me even at 4 in the morning if something was wrong. I know they have my back and will always have my back. And I strongly believe they would do everything they can to help any of their athletes, no matter the sport or country. I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with NOMOS and to continue working with them after graduation. If it wasn’t for the Nomos team I wouldn’t be where I am today.

As you are getting ready for your new adventure as a professional volleyball player, what’s one thing you are looking forward to the most both on and off the court?

The one thing I am most excited about is to finally practice on a regular basis again. I’m also looking forward to the beginning of my professional career. I have always wanted to play in France, no matter the division. I can’t wait to meet my teammates, my coaches and see the city of Évreux and all that it has to offer.

What are your future athletic and career goals, even if that isn’t volleyball related?

My goal right now is to have an amazing season with my team in France. After this season, I am definitely looking to play professionally for a few more years. After volleyball, I would like to do something related with my degree, which is sports management. I would definitely be interested into getting a job somewhere abroad.


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