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Greek March Madness in college volleyball

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Kagialis & Kalagasidis - The Greek Californians triumph! Aris - Paok 2-0… in New York! Baka is undaunted with two more double-doubles in a row! 

The Greeks of Simpson University contributed to two more wins for the SU Redhawks and their efforts did not go unnoticed. Kagialis was named player of the week and Kalagasidis was named setter of the week for the California Pacific Conference. The former player of PAOK, Leontaridou, visited the former players of Aris, Alexakou and Kathariou, in their new “home” in New York. Baka had her 16th and 17th double-double in her career in America last week, and now has double digits in kills and digs in 7 out of her 15 matches in ’21!


Michalis Kagialis, Nikos Kalagasidis

Kagiali’s and Kalagasidi’s Simpson University (6-4) had two more victories last week and are now undefeated in the last five games. More specifically, on March 14th they played against Pacific Union College and added to their winning streak with an easy 3-0 victory (25-9, 25-17, 25-14). Both Greeks participated throughout the whole match with Kagialis being the top scorer having 11 kills and 83.3% hitting percentage, 2 aces, 2 blocks, and 1 dig while Kalagasidis had 3 kills, 35 assists, 2 aces, 2 blocks, and 5 digs. In their next game on the 18th, they managed to defeat Pacific Union College once again with a clear score of 3-0 (25-10, 25-18, 25-13). Kagalis had 6 kills, 1 ace, 2 blocks, 6 digs, while Kalagasidis had 3 kills, 33 assists, and 2 aces. Due to their outstanding performances, the Greeks in California got 2 awards. Kalagasidis was awarded best setter of the week while Kagialis was named best player of the week.

Next Obligations:

March 27th vs University of California at Merced

Efrosini Alexakou, Ariadni Kathariou- Elena Leontaridou

Greek civil war between three “Saloniki girls”. 2-0 for ARIS-PAOK. The former ARIS players, Alexakou-Kathariou, welcomed Leontaridou’s Providence University who played for PAOK in Greece. St. John’s left no room for error and won both games 3-1 and 3-0. Kathariou’s powerful presence on the net left no room for the opponent and with 12.5 points scored in the first match (6 kills, 3 aces, 6 blocks, 3 digs) and 7.5 in the second (4 kills, 7 blocks, 4 digs) wasa force on defence for the Red Storm.  Alexakou once again led her team to two victories with 11 points in the first match (10 kills, 1 ace, 8 digs) and 13.5 points in their replay (10 kills, 1 ace, 4 blocks, 9 digs). On the other side of the net, Leontaridou failed to alter the result despite having scored 7.5 points in the first game (5 kills, 5 blocks, 2 digs) and 1 ace, 1 block, and 1 dig in Saturday’s rematch, during which Elena was able to keep Providence competitive with strong and efficient serves. 

Next Obligations for St John’s:

March 23rd vs. Villanova

Next Obligations for Providence:

March 26th and 27th vs. Villanova

Elena Baka

With two consecutive double-doubles, Baka continues after her two games against Santa Clara on March 18th and 19th. On Thursday, March 18th, Baka stole the show and led her team to a 3-1 victory scoring 18 points (17 kills, 1 assist, 1 ace, 10 digs). Baka attacked at over 27% and put up 17 kills, to tie her season-best. In their replay on Friday, despite Baka’s contribution of 14 points, St. Mary’s suffered a 1-3 defeat and Baka obtained her second consecutive double-double with 14 kills, 2 aces, and 11 digs.

Next Obligations:

March 26th and 27th vs. BYU

Elena Karakasi

Tough week for Karakasi’s Syracuse University (5-7) who suffered two defeats.  On the 20th of March, the orange team traveled to Virginia to play against Georgia Tech whom they lost to 3-0 (25-23,25-15,25-10). The twenty-year-old participated in all three sets and contributed to her team with 2 kills, 20 assists, 1 block, and 5 digs. In their 2-hour rematch with Georgia Tech, Syracuse was unable to secure a win and fell after 5 dramatic sets 3-2 (23-25, 25-20, 25-19, 26-24, 15-11). In this very close game, Karakasi was a starter and scored 3 kills, 44 assists, 4 blocks, and 14 digs.

Next Obligations:

March 26th vs. Wake Forest

March 28th vs. Duke

Aristea Tontai

Great energy from Tontai’s North Carolina (10-4)! The NC Tar Heels won two very crucial games with two very good teams on March 19th and 21st. On the 19th, they played against Wake Forest and won 3-1 (19-25,25-21,25-16,25-20) with Tontai scoring 2 kills, 2 aces, and 4 blocks in 3 sets. Two days later the NC Tar Heels played against Notre Dame. Tontai’s team was leading 2-0 in sets until Notre Dame overthrew them and brought the game close (2-2). However, in the end, NC stepped it up and stole the game right from their hands 3-2 (25-23, 25-21, 21-25, 18-25, 15-9). The senior participated throughout the whole game and scored 6 kills, 1 assist, 1 ace, 5 blocks, and 8 digs.

Next Obligations:

March 27th vs Florida State

March 28th vs. Pittsburgh

Zoe Faki

Faki’s Pittsburgh University is determined to go undefeated in ‘21! The Panthers obtained their 6th and 7th consecutive wins against University of Miami and Duke University and are now 11-4 and continue strong in the ACC conference. The Pitt Panthers defeated the University of Miami 3-1 (25-19,19-25,25-16,25-20) on March 20th with the 22-year-old participating in all 3 sets contributing with 3 digs. On the 21st, they faced the mighty Duke who they beat 3-2 (20-25,25-15,25-11,19-25,22-20). In this game, Faki played in 4 sets and had 1 dig.

Next Obligations:

March 24th vs. West Virginia

March 26th vs. Florida State

March 28th vs. North Carolina

Lydia Adam

A very strong week for Adam’s North Carolina State University after two home victories. Clemson and Boston University hosted NC State last week where they left no room for joy and defeated them 3-0. However, on the 19th, the NC Wolfpacks were determined and ended the game in a quick sweep against Clemson (25-20,25-20,25-23) with no points from Adam. After 2 days off, and enough time to relax, NC State defeated Boston College too (25-14,25-22,25-19). Adam did not participate in this game.

Next Obligations:

March 27th vs. Georgia Tech

March 28th vs. Louisville

Lida Kastanou

Kastanou’s Bradley University was able to secure their 3rd victory in a row, and 9th win in the last 10 games, last weekend in their two games against Loyola. Both games ended 3-0 in favor of Bradley [(25-22,26-24,25-15) (25-22, 25-18, 25-18)]. With their record now reaching 10-4 and just 2 weeks before the end of their season, the Bradley Braves managed to climb to 1st place in the Missouri Valley Conference. The junior right-side did not participate in these games.

Next Obligations:

March 21st and 22nd vs. Missouri State

Mariana Anastasiadi

Anastasiadi’s Auburn University at Montgomery’s athletic obligations for this season came to an end following 2 victories. They managed to obtain a final record of 5-1 after their double match on March 20th against Shorter University and Lee University. Both games ended in favor of AUM, 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. The freshman did not play in these games.

Next Obligations:

March 26th Conference Tournament

Stavroula Papazoglou

Stavroula Papazoglou’s Odessa College ends their season with an incredible 21-2 record and 13 victories in a row. One week before the Region 5 West tournament, the Odessa Wranglers added two more wins against Clarendon College (3-0: 25-11,25-14,25-8) and Midland College (3-0: 25-12,28-26,25-17). The freshman participated in 2 sets in the second game and scored 3 kills, 1 dig, and 1 block.

Next Obligations:

March 26th, 27th, 30th Region 5 West Tournament

Christos Gitersos

With one victory and one defeat Gitersos’ Limestone University continued its course during this season. Limestone University fell to North Greenville on March 17th, following three close sets (16-25, 24-26, 19-25), with the Greek setter participating in 1 set without scoring any points. On the 19th however, Limestone University returned to victories after their 3-0 win over King. In that game, Gitersos obtained 36 assists, 3 kills, 1 block, and 7 digs in 3 sets. The Limestone Saints have 9 wins and 7 losses so far.

Next Obligations:

March 23rd vs Lees-McRae

March 26th vs. Lincoln Memorial

March 27th vs. Tusculum University

Olga Zabati, Georgia Tselepi

On March 19th, the two Greeks, Zabati and Tselepi made their first appearance against Iona. The game ended 1-3 for Iona and the two Greeks participated in 1 set with Zabati scoring 4 kills and 2 digs while Tselepi scored 3 kills, 2 digs, and 0.5 blocks. The games against Marist got canceled.

Next Obligations:

March 28th vs. Fairfield

Elisavet Papageorgiou

One defeat and one win for Papageorgiou’s Eastern Illinois this week against Murray State on the 14th and 15th of March. More specifically, the first game ended in 4 sets (1-3) for Murray State, with the Greek right-side playing throughout the whole game. In their rematch, however, Eastern Illinois was able to secure an easy win (3-1), with Papageorgiou obtaining 3 aces and 1 dig for her team.

Next Obligations:

March 21st and 22nd vs. Southeast Missouri

Alexandra Drosopoulou

This week, UIC welcomed Xavier University on the 15th of March. Drosopoulou’s UIC, after 5 consecutive wins, got defeated (1-3) in a very close game. The Greek outside-hitter did not participate in this game. The games that should have taken place on March 15th and 16th against Northern Kentucky was canceled.

Next Obligations:

March 22nd vs. IUPUI (DH)

Ioanna Charitonidi

Two more defeats for Charitonidi’s UTRGV, and a record of 2-12 in the Western Athletic Conference. On March 15th and 16th, the Vaqueros welcomed Utah Valley for their last home games. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure a win and fell 1-3 and 0-3 respectfully. Charitonidi did not participate in these games.

Next Obligations:

March 22nd and 23rd vs. Tarleton

Faye Bakodimou

The games for Bakodimou’s Towson against Northeastern University on March 20th and 21st, got canceled.

Next Obligations:

March 26th and 28th vs University of Delaware

Dimitris Kiridis

On March 20th, Kiridis’ Barton visited Queens. Unfortunately, Barton was not lucky enough and fell 1-3. The Greek middle-blocker did not participate in this game.

Next Obligations:

March 26th vs. North Greenville

March 27th vs. Belmont Abbey

Eva Athanasiadou

With one victory and one defeat Athanasiadou’s Saint Louis continued its course during this season. On March 19th and 20th, SLU welcomed VCU. In their first game, SLU fell 0-3, with the Greek setter participating in 2 sets and contributing to her team with 5 assists and 3 digs. In their rematch, following five very dramatic sets, SLU was able to secure their victory. The Greek setter did not participate in this game.

Next Obligations:

March 26th and 27th vs. Dayton

Chrysanthi Stamatiou

With two defeats, Stamatiou’s Bellarmine University’s season comes to an end. On March 19th and 20th, Bellarmine University welcomed Lipscomb University for the last time this season. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain a win since both games ended in favor of Lipscomb with 1-3 and 0-3 respectively. Stamatiou was the only player that reached double digits with 13 kills and 14 digs in their first match, accomplishing her second double-double this year. In their rematch on Saturday, Stamatiou had 1 kill, 1 block, and 3 digs.

Marialena Mpampiri

Two wins and one loss for Mpampiri’s Lyon College this week. More specifically, Lyon welcomed Bethel university on the 16th of March whom they lost to in three sets (0-3). In their second game against Central Baptism College, Lyon College was very well read and managed to win in three (0-3). The Greek middle-blocker did not take part in these two games. The week came to an end on a very positive note for Lyon who defeated Hannibal Lagrange University 3-0, with Mpampiri participating in one set, scoring 1 kill and 1.5 blocks.

Next Obligations:

March 22nd vs. Bethel University

March 23rd vs. Blue Mountain College

March 26th vs. Missouri Baptist University

March 27th vs. UHSP

March 27th vs. Harris-Stowe State University

Stella Antypa

Antypa’s Rutgers University fell in both games (3-1 and 3-0) against Purdue on March 19th and 20th. Antypa participated in both matches, scoring 1 kill.

Next Obligations:

March 24th and 27th vs. Maryland

Anastasia Galanou

This week, Galanou’s Villanova obtained one victory and one defeat against Seton Hall on March 19th and 20th. The Greek outside-hitter did not participate in these games.

Next Obligations:

March 23rd vs. St John’s

March 24th vs. La Salle

March 26th and 27th vs. Providence



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