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Ada Bulgur: "Playing volleyball in the USA has been in my dreams"

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What inspired you to come to America to play volleyball? Why in the US? 
First of all, playing volleyball in the USA has been in my dreams since the 9th grade. America provides opportunities for most athletes in the D1 league both academically and in terms of volleyball.

What were some of your concerns and expectations about college sports in the US? What criteria determined the choice of university? 
My expectation from the university that I would choose in the USA was to be able to adapt and show myself and my performance sufficiently.  I did a lot of research before coming to America, and I think every athlete should consider the options that will be best for him/her and make the most of his/her opportunities after coming to a conclusion.

When did you start the university searching process? Are you happy with your choice? Do you have stories you can share with us that marked you from this experience, something you will remember for the rest of your life. 
Towards the end of the 12th grade, I and my family found Nomos after a few researches and made an application. Later, thanks to the volleyball camps organized by Nomos, I started talking to schools. I am very pleased with my choice. Because at the beginning I was worried that I would not be able to adapt here, but when I met my teammates and coaches, this idea gradually disappeared. I feel very comfortable and safe. What brings this sense of trust to me is that we understand each other better, as most of my teammates are international like me. At the same time, the value that my trainers give me in every sense is to make me feel at home.

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What advice would you give to athletes who are thinking of following a path similar to yours? What do you have to say to parents and athletes who are considering starting this journey?
I want them to choose what is best for them. If you really want something, there is nothing left that can stop you. Of course, there will be times when you will face difficulties, but if you give up without overcoming difficulties, your target will be further away from you now.  Although it is difficult for this, I want you to act knowing that you have reached your destination at the end of the road. As for the families of the athletes, never lose support from your child, always make him/her feel safe and proud of him/her. Because the only and most fundamental reason why I'm in the USA and playing volleyball right now is definitely my mom and dad. Thanks to them, I come so far and show myself in the game I play.

You took part in NOMOS EVE 2020; how did that help you make your  dream come true and what do you think about the services provided by Nomos?
Thanks to the advantages NOMOS has given us, it makes me very happy to reach my dream.  I am very grateful that you are doing your best to find athletes who are talented in terms of sports in Europe and provide them with a better future.

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Your season just concluded with a loss in the quarter finals of the WAC Tournament. Based on your performances and contributions to your team throughout the season, you were voted by WAC coaches as one of the top rookies, on the All Freshman Team. Describe your thoughts on this award, and summarize your season.
Although this season coincides with my freshman year and is complicated due to a great misfortune like corona.  I always enjoyed the game I played.  There is no better feeling than being happy about doing the job I love.  Speaking of the award I won, I would like to thank my trainers who supported me by training me every day and helping me carry my talent to a higher level for winning this award.  This award means a lot to me.

What have you missed most from home and Turkey, and what makes you most happy to play and study in America? 
Anything else you'd like to add?
I miss my family and friends so much. I am grateful to them for I getting this far with their support.  They supported me and always stood behind me. Playing volleyball in America has been a very different and good experience for me. Carrying a job I've done since my childhood and playing in the D1 league professionally makes me very happy right now. In terms of my study, I can say that America has given me a great advantage by increasing the opportunities that will come to me.



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