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The Greek volleyball community in the U.S. continues to grow rapidly 

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An additional seven new female Greek players will be competing this year in collegiate volleyball in the United States. By the end of January, the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA championships will begin in which the Greek colors will be represented in record high numbers. Thirty-three female Greek athletes and five male Greek athletes will compete this upcoming season in intercollegiate level in the States, the majority of whom have international experience with their national teams and have managed to get a full athletic scholarship with the support of NOMOS.

NOMOS, which offers comprehensive consulting services in sports law and the regulatory framework of college sports, builds bridges between Europe's top sports talent and US colleges and universities.

Added to last year’s student-athletes, seven new Greek volleyball players committed this year to US colleges and universities. These are: Stella Giourda, Stella Antypa, Elisavet Papageorgiou, Stavroula Papazoglou, Stefania Anagnostou, Mariana Anastasiadi, and Markella Lanara. 

Most athletes took part in NOMOS' programs and the top-rated European Volleyball Exposure (EVE), a groundbreaking showcase that gathers all the necessary information and data related to talent scouting required by US coaches.

NOMOS will monitor the season, highlight the efforts of all Greek student-athletes, and will be by their side in a championship that is taking place in two portions, both fall and spring, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused the postponement of the championship in some conferences, while other conferences’ competitions were held as planned from September to November. 

The seven new Greek volleyball players, followed by the rest of the Greek volleyball community, below : 


Stefania Anagnostou
Date of Birth: 4/6/2002
Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 1,78m
University: University of Arkansas Little Rock
Previous teams: Spata, A.O.Markopoulou, Messiniakos

Mariana Anastasiadi
Date of Birth: 22/9/2002
Position: setter
Height: 1,78m
University: Auburn University Montgomery
Previous teams: Artemis Koridallou

Stella Antypa 
Date of Birth: 31/8/2002
Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 1,80m
University: Rutgers University
Previous teams: Votsis Thessalonikis

Stella Giourda
Date of Birth: 15/3/2002
Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 1,86m
University: University of Central Florida
Previous teams: Artemis Koridallou, Olympiakos, Apollonios, Milonas

Markella Lanara
Date of Birth: 1/10/2001
Position: Middle Blocker
Height: 1,83m
University: George Washington University
Previous teams: Olympiakos

Elisavet Papageorgiou
Date of Birth: 1/5/2002
Position: Eastern Illinois University
Height: 1,83m
University: Outside Hitter/Rightside
Previous teams: Ilioupoli, Apollonios, Milonas

Stavroula Papazoglou
Date of Birth: 21/1/1999
Position: Outside Hitter/Libero
Height: 1,74m
University: Odessa College
Previous teams: Migdoniakos EAS, DAS Oraiokastrou, EO Stauroupolis, Pigasos Polixnis, Protathlites Peukon


Lydia Adam
Date of Birth: 12/30/2001
Position: MB/RS
Height: 6’1
University: NC State
Previous teams: Amazones, Iraklis Kifissias, Halkida OPE

Efrosini Alexakou
Date of Birth: 02/26/2000
Position: OH
Height: 5’11”
University: St. John's University
Previous teams: Campaniakos, Macedonians of Axios, Markopoulo, Aris Thessalonikis

Evangelia Athanasiadou
Date of Birth: 12/09/2001
Position: S
Height: 5’8
University: Iowa Western Community College (NJCAA D1)
Previous teams: Elpida Ampelokipwn

Marialena Babiri
Date of Birth: 04/04/2000
Position: OH
Height: 5’11”
University: Lyon College (NAIA)
Previous teams: Markopoulos

Elena Baka
Date of Birth: 10/15/2001
Position: OH
Height: 6’1
University: Saint Mary's College
Previous teams: Aris Thessaloniki

Fay Bakodimou
Date of Birth: 01/25/2000
Position: OH
Height: 5’10
University: Towson University
Previous teams: Apollonas Agios Dimitrios, Panionios

Ioanna Charitonidi
Date of Birth: 01/07/2001
Position: OH
Height: 5’11
University: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Previous teams: Markopoulo, Aigaleo, Thetis Voula

Alexandra Drosopoulou
Date of Birth: 06/30/1998
Position: OH
Height: 5’9
University: University of Illinois Chicago
Previous teams: Demokritos, Elpida Ampelokipwn

Zoi Faki
Date of Birth: 08/02/1998
Position: RS
Height: 6’2
University: University of Pittsburgh
Previous teams: Fivos Melission, Panionios, AEK

Anastasia Galanou
Date of Birth: 03/26/2001
Position: OH/RS
Height: 6’3”
University: Villanova University
Previous teams: Thetis Voula

Ioanna Georgatzi
Date of Birth: 02/15/2001
Position: OH/RS
Height: 6’2
University: California State University - Long Beach
Previous teams: Markopoulo

Elena Giourda
Date of Birth: 07/29/2000
Position: OH
Height: 6’0
University: Simpson University (NAIA)
Previous teams: Artemis Korydallou, Olympiakos, Apollonios

Iro Hounta
Date of Birth: 01/31/2000
Position: OH/RS
Height: 6’0
University: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Previous teams: Iraklis Kifissias, Markopoulos, Virginia Commonwealth University

Elena Karakasi
Date of Birth: 01/31/2000
Position: S
Height: 6’0
University: Syracuse University
Previous teams: Galatsi, Byron, Fivos Melissiwn, Markopoulo, ZAON

Lida Kastanou
Date of Birth: 06/27/1998
Position: RS
Height: 6’3”
University: Bradley University
Previous teams: Argo Volou, Iraklis Kifissias, Panathinaikos, Aigaleo,Washington State

Ariadni Kathariou
Date of Birth: 11/28/2000
Position: MB
Height: 6’1”
University: St. John's University
Previous teams: Aris Thessalonikis

Eleni Leontaridou
Date of Birth: 03/16/2001
Position: MB
Height: 6’1
University: Providence College
Previous teams: Oraiokastro DAS, PAOK

Marina Markaki
Date of Birth: 10/26/2000
Position: MB
Height: 6’0
University: New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
Previous teams: Apollonos Keratsiniou, Drapetsona

Nafsika Papavasileiou
Date of Birth: 11/29/2000
Position: OH
Height: 6’0

University: University of Mount Olive
Previous teams: Piramatiko, Aiantas Evosmos, Gateway - Saint Louis, Sports Performance - Chicago, Lindsey Wilson College 

Katerina Papazoglou
Date of Birth: 05/02/1998
Position: OH
Height: 6’0
University: Temple University
Previous teams: Elpida Ampelokipwn

Zoi Sherolli
Date of Birth: 11/26/2000
Position: OH/RS
Height: 6’0
University: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Previous teams: Moraitis School, Neoi Byron

Chrysanthi Stamatiou
Date of Birth: 06/14/1999
Position: OH/RS
Height: 6’0
University: Bellarmine University
Previous teams: Niki Volou, GS Almyrou, Argo Volou, Aris Thessalonikis, University of Cincinnati 

Aristea Tontai
Date of Birth: 07/05/1999
Position: MB
Height: 6’3”
University: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Previous teams: Ao Agios Stefanos, AEK, Thetida Voula

Georgia Tselepi
Date of Birth: 07/13/2000
Position: OH
Height: 6’0
University: Quinnipiac University
Previous teams: Artemis Korydallou, Iraklis Kifissias

Dimitra Tziarli
Date of Birth: 01/24/2000
Position: MB
Height: 6’1”
University: University of Cincinnati
Previous teams: Aia Evosmos, DASO

Olga Zampati
Date of Birth: 03/27/2000
Position: OH
Height: 6’0
University: Quinnipiac University
Previous teams: Iris, Olympiakos, Vrilissia


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