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The volleyball talents shined


A shining finale at EVE - Interview of Dr. Anastasios Kaburakis at SPOR-FM

The European Volleyball Exposure 2019 which is a great volleyball event, with the signature of NOMOS building bridges between sports talent and the best American universities took place in Athens (ACS) and Thessaloniki (Elpida Stadium of Ambelokipi).

A total of 62 athletes who were born between 1999 and 2005, 27 in Southern Greece from Attica, Peloponnese, Crete and Cyclades and 35 in Northern Greece, coming from Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos and other places in Greece. Its is also worth mentioning that international athletes also took place in the event coming from Turkey and Bulgaria, to be added to Serbia and Cyprus from the event of 2018, in Nomos’ continuing growth efforts. 

College coaches from the best universities in the US attended this event who gathered information to evaluate the athletes, some of whom were extended full scholarship offers in to study and compete in the world's top universities. At the same time, both in Athens and in Thessaloniki, a symposium was organized for parents of the participating athletes and others describing Universities in the United States, college sports, how scholarships work, as well as competitive volleyball and academic life and how they can be balanced successfully at a high level.

The most important role in this presentation was that of the parents of athletes who had already been in the US for studies and sports and also the athletes themselves, who shared their own experiences from their collegiate career.

"The system in the US is very competitive"

NOMOS head Dr. Anastasios Kaburakis was hosted on the Sport Club show at Sport FM 94.6 and talked about European Volleyball Exposure 2019.

For the level of the event and the athletes 

"We have been very interested in athletes from both Greece and other Balkan countries. It is our vision to create a long-standing tradition, build further bridges between Europe and the US, and EVE becoming the annual recruiting destination for college coaches and European talent. The talent level this year was high. Most of these athletes also have an active role in the junior national teams of each country. Also, something that needs to be emphasized is that we had the opportunity to collect information on their academic level, so it was important for us that in addition to the athletic guarantees, they also have the necessary academic background and focus allowing for future success."

Some claim that the universities where these international student-athletes are placed are of technical education level and do not have great academic value. What is the reality? 

"Thank you very much for this question, as we know there are as many opinions as the people who express them. Universities that absorb these international student-athletes are of a very high standard. In the US it is customary to be first a good student and then an athlete. These are Universities in Division 1 of the NCAA. The facilities, training level, strength and conditioning, as well as technical training are all at the top level. The system is very competitive and it forces you to either pick up your game to the next level, leading you to a leading role, or if you do not work hard enough or develop appropriately you simply will not get to participate. Anyone who would like to visit the NOMOS website ( can review the testimonies of both parents and students about their experiences. Their academic and athletic requirements are very rigorous and there must be a balance to be able to prepare for their future after volleyball, which is more important for the choices they will make in their lives. "

Already there are a number of athletes who have signed up at US Universities?

 "Yes, as of the early signing season in November three athletes have signed for the 2019 season. By the end of spring, several more girls will have been signed from both Greece and other countries. The total number of female volleyball athletes who signed with American Universities with the help of NOMOS as of early 2019 is 16. It is worth noting that the total amount of scholarship awards student-athletes across several sports received with the support of NOMOS amounts to $ 10,299,823, and for the academic year 2018-2019 exceeded $ 3,369,000".

What do you answer to teams that disagree with the departure of their players for America and put pressure on the athletes and sometimes even psychological threats?

"I had the opportunity to see it myself 20 years ago, leaving for the US, having finished law school while I was coaching in Thessaloniki. I fully understand the worries of the coaches, but whoever has the proper and pure motivation, whoever is a teacher, mentor, and genuine coach, sees the long-term profit for children as far as their future is concerned. Whatever concerns clubs or coaches may have, we really are here to discuss in detail and show them how many opportunities young people have by taking this step. Also, the benefit for their National Team is enormous, as they are clearly returning much better and ready to contribute. Bright examples such as Strantzali, Hadjiefstratiadou, Genitsaridi, Konstantinidou. With their return they offered maximum value to the National Women's Team and helped toward its qualification in the European Championship, after years of absence”.


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