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"You should never set limits"


Α long interview with Chrysanthi Stamatiou for her life at the NCAA - The title goes to Stanford University. 

Chrysanthi Stamatiou completed her second season in NCAA DI college volleyball, and in particular for the Cincinnati Bearcats, where she played in 19 games (57 sets), scoring 9 points, all of them coming from serves. The 19-year-old Outside Hitter/Opposite is teammate with fellow Greek Georgia Tselepi at Cincinnati and this year they helped the university during one of the best seasons in its history.

The 26-8 overall record is the 5th best for Bearcats’ volleyball. The 1,750 assists are the 2nd best performance, and it is worth noting that it was only the fifth time the women's volleyball team of the University of Cincinnati played in the 2nd round of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament. The former athlete of Niki Volou, Almyros, Argo Volos, and Aris Thessaloniki spoke with the Nomos press office about her experience so far in the magic world of the NCAA. 


- A match away from NCAA D1's Sweet Sixteen, what did this year teach you the most? What did you learn about yourself? What did it take for your team to get there? 

“WOW, a match away from NCAA D1’s Sweet Sixteen…When I read this question it makes me realize how far this team made it… it was definitely a great experience. Got to play really good teams. I mean (we ultimately lost to) Marquette, number 14 in the country, with really talented players. What this year taught me the most is that you should never put limits on yourself, because you never know how far you can make it”.

- How hard did you personally and as a team have to work to accomplish your goals? Describe your routine and specific examples that will help others understand what it takes to compete at the highest level. 

“What most people don’t realize when it comes to a D1 volleyball season, is that it isn’t only about these 4-5 months that a regular season lasts. Spring semester is very very hard. We have to wake up early in the morning every day to work out and practice. We for sure have to push ourselves to the limits and I’m not gonna lie, most of the times it is really tough. We have to get stronger and better every day, so all the work can pay off when the time comes. Personally I had to spend summer at Cincinnati as well, even if I would really like to spend summer at home”.

- How challenging (and feasible... or not) is it to truly balance academics and nationally competitive D1 athletic competition? 

“During season, we have to miss a lot of our classes, as we travel very often. It’s not easy to keep up with classes, but it’s possible. Even when we are home we have practice every day for 2-3 hours and class afterwards. Sometimes it can be really frustrating, but the relationship between our coaches and academic advisors with our teachers is really good, which makes our teachers very understanding and supportive”

- What was your hardest struggle during the year (missing family, friends, nostalgia for home, food, other...?), what did you miss the most, what did you NOT miss at all, and how did you cope and manage? 

“Being so far away from home, damn it is hard. I personally haven’t been home since May, as I had to be here during the whole summer for workouts and practices. I miss a lot of things from Greece, especially my family and my friends. Let’s not forget the food… haha! American food can never overcome Homemade Greek food… Although the opportunities that I get here keep me going, along with my good friend Georgia. It for sure helps having someone from the same country. We cope together and it’s fun”. 

- What will you focus on in 2019 in regard to overall life-work balance, personal improvement, and applying the lessons from this season onward? 

“I am very excited for what 2019 keeps for me. I want to work on making myself better, day by day working on every little thing that will help me achieve my goals, both in volleyball and school”. 

- What will success be for you at the conclusion of your career at Cincinnati? 

“Success is hard to define! Although, what I hope to take from my experience at Cincinnati, is seeing all these different places I get to go and play, become a better player and person, test my limits and get a good education. I would say though that just being here is a success for me”.

 - What advice, recommendations, tips and tricks, rules of engagement, and lessons from your experience would you like to share with young student-athletes who'd like to follow your path? 


“One thing I would say to other student athletes that are trying to get an opportunity like this one, is to never, NEVER give up… People and situations will try to stop you from making your dreams come true, but don’t let them. And even when you manage to make this dream come true, know that nothing will be easy and no-one will hand you anything without your effort. D1 College is a rough path, but in the end, it Is totally worth it”.

The title for Stanford University that made history!

Stanford University (Kristin Folkl’s team, Nomos Volleyball Director, having won three titles during her career there in the years 1994-1998, one of the best players in the history of the sport in America) won the national championship for the 2018 NCAA D1 Volleyball Tournament, reaching eight titles (1992, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2016, 2018), more than any other university, surpassing Penn State with 7 conquests. In the final which was held in Minneapolis, Stanford (No1) defeated Nebraska (No7) 3-2 in a thrilling match and dethroned the 2017 champions. Meanwhile, Kevin Hambly's team got ... revenge for the lost title of 2006 with 3-1 to Nebraska, having won five titles (2017, 2015, 2006, 2000, 1995). The two universities, however, monopolize titles from 2015 onwards, showing that they have moved to a higher level in quality and organization. 

Results of the 2018 NCAA Volleyball Tournament

First round (64 teams)

Stanford- Alabama State 3-0

Loyola Marymount- Duke 3-0

Tennessee- Colorado State 3-2

Northern Arizona- Washington State 1-3

Creighton- South Dakota 3-0

St. Mary’s (Cal.)- Washington 1-3

Syracuse- Yale 3-0

Howard- Penn State 0-3

Illinois- Eastern Michigan 3-0

Louisville- Dayton 3-0

Cincinnati- Illinois State 3-0

High Point- Marquette 0-3

USC- Samford 3-0

San Diego- Cal Poly 3-1

UNI- Pepperdine 2-3

Green Bay- Wisconsin 0-3

Texas- SFA 3-0

Rice- Texas State  1-3

Michigan- Navy 3-0

Pittsburg- Iona 3-0


Florida State- Florida 0-3

Utah- Denver 3-0

Stony Brook- BYU 0-3

Nebraska- Hofstra 3-0

Arizona- Missouri 0-3

Purdue- East Tennessee State 3-0

Murray State- Kentucky 0-3

Oregon- New Mexico State 3-1

Hawaii- Baylor 2-3

South Carolina- Colorado 3-2

Bryant- Minnesota 0-3

Second round (32 teams)

Stanford- LMU 3-0

Tennessee- Washington St. 1-3

Creighton- Washington 0-3

Syracuse- Penn St. 0-3

Illinois- Louisville 3-1

Cincinnati- Marquette 0-3

USC- San Diego 0-3

Pepperdine- Wisconsin 1-3

Texas- Texas State 3-0

Michigan- Pittsburgh 3-2 

FGCU- Florida 0-3

Utah- BYU 0-3

Nebraska- Missouri 3-0

Purdue- Kentucky 0-3

Oregon- Baylor 3-2

South Carolina- Minnesota 0-3

Third round (16 teams)

Stanford (1)- Washington St. (16) 3-1

Washington- Penn St. (8) 0-3

Illinois (3)- Marquette (14) 3-0

San Diego- Wisconsin (6) 0-3

Texas (5)- Michigan 3-1

Florida- BYU (4) 1-3

Nebraska (7)- Kentucky (10) 3-0

Oregon (15)- Minnesota (2) 3-1


Stanford (1)- Penn St. (8) 3-1

Illinois (3)- Wisconsin (6) 3-1

Texas (5)- BYU (4) 0-3

Nebraska (7)- Oregon (15) 3-0


Stanford (1)- BYU (4) 3-0

Illinois (3)- Nebraska (7) 2-3


Stanford (1)- Nebraska (7) 3-2


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