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Our international volleyball team of experts, who care about both the game's growth and adding value for coaches and kids' expanded life opportunities, extends a warm welcome to our European Volleyball Exposure (EVE) 2023.
Much like past EVE iterations, we've been preparing intensely for what we aspire to be a fantastic international recruiting experience. This year we have decided to host EVE in two key hubs: Istanbul, Turkey, and Athens, Greece. We are particularly excited for our 2023 EVE being the best yet, and loaded with differentiating talent from all across Europe, due to our currently expanding partnerships and talent pipelines we've been blessed with over the past few years. As always, we are leaving no stone unturned for the most promising talent in the classes of 2023-2027. Quick hits of interest:


Live evaluation of top-level European talent across several recruiting classes, including regular season and regional playoffs' matches in junior and women's leagues, supplementing our signature EVE workouts and sessions with wash drills and live play allowing for complete assessments, as well as accurate measurements for biometrics, collection of all relevant academic and athletic data, high-quality videos from multiple angles, and prospects' information in a comprehensive coaches' recruiting packet.


The cream of the crop from European countries (and for 2023 some intriguing surprises), approximately 50-75 players, all of whom have the prerequisites to receive volleyball scholarships in the US.


Feb 22-27 (Pencil in 5 days of evaluations)


Istanbul, Turkey 2/22-24
Athens, Greece 2/25-27



It works... 
You can register now to reserve a spot, and feel comfortable that, other than your airfare and hotel incidentals, we take care of you from the moment you land till the time you depart. We can discuss your itinerary and specific needs, interests, side travel, and anything you would like to do while there after registration. We truly want this to be a memorable experience for you, at the "EVE of Opportunity" for these young ladies.

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