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Why Hire Eleni Kafantari?

why hire

“The Right Choice – The Right Time”

EXPERIENCE – I have coached women’s basketball teams for 20 years, practically my whole career, from junior teams to senior women’s teams reaching the level of coach of a national team. I have worked in all posts, from conditioning and training, to assistant and head coach.

BUILDER – All the teams that I coached at local divisions that had a goal of advancing to national divisions were all successfully promoted. In addition, Anagennisi Neou Rysiou, which was a second division team was promoted to first division under my coaching, while maintaining their budget in a midrange level compared to other clubs.

INTEGRITY – In all years of coaching at any level, I have never committed a violation, or been accused of convicted of breaching any rules or any wrong doings. I coach and develop relationships with the highest degree of character, respect, and integrity. My references can elaborate on this as I always find it difficult to engage in self-promotions.

ACADEMICS – I want my players to continue learning and evolving throughout their whole career. I motivate them to become better every day and continue enriching their game with new moves and strategies. I never ask my athletes to do anything I have not done or experienced, so after 20 years, I continue to learn and follow training and coaching trends. While a full time coach in a first division team, I continue to work as a trainer and I continue to follow seminars on athlete’s training and coaching, aiming to enrich my skills every day.

COACHING – I am a committed teacher of the game, which allows me to improve the skill level and basketball IQ of my athletes. I love X’s and O’s and will involve my assistants in all facets of learning.

RECRUITER – I consider myself one of the best recruiters in basketball which is why all the first division teams that I have coached, had a full roster and the players that I have recruited continue having large contracts even after playing for me, for only one year.

GREAT COMMUNICATOR – I am a professional who is well versed in communicating with the media, administrators, and anyone else who contacts the team from maintenance workers to the owner of the team.

COMMUNITY FOCUS – After my first year at every club I have worked for, the women’s basketball program has successfully participated in volunteer work, fundraising and charity tournaments. 


St. Louis, USA


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